Unlock the power of Microsoft Office 365 with MacroView’s award winning solutions for generating and managing documents and emails.


MacroViewA document and email management system that enables law firms & legal departments to become effectively paper-less.

  • Creates a virtual client-matter set of emails and documents, eliminating the need for paper files, enabling successful paper-Less transformation of law offices
  • Rich filtering, grouping, search and retrieval capabilities enabled by powerful metadata auto-profiling by document type
  • Adds more functionality into Outlook, e.g. one-click functions converting emails or email attachments into PDF
  • Ease of use as users work in familiar applications e.g. MS Outlook, Word, Acrobat Reader
  • Uses the powerful Office 365 SharePoint search engine to search across document set by matter, client, document type, keywords and email metadata
  • Provides unique document numbering, version control and access permissions usually associated with more expensive legal document management systems
  • Formatted previews of emails, office and PDF documents facilitates efficient document review and retrieval
  • Makes great use of your 1 terabyte storage entitlement on Office 365


A centralised clause library solution that enables centralised upkeep and usage of templated clauses.

  • Runs in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook ribbons
  • Automates quick insertion of consistently formatted clauses into documents
  • Automated scheduling process for clause review
  • Enables users to submit Clauses into centralised repository, for approval


  • Familiar, Intuitive User Experience
  • Advanced Document Management Functionality
  • Powerful, Flexible Search
  • Convenient Document Generation
  • Facilitates Document Collaboration
  • Management of Cases/Matters/Projects