Legal Practice Management Software

BHL InsightBHL INSIGHT is a sophisticated Legal Practice Management System that can be installed on your local device, your firm’s local server and/or accessed remotely via the cloud. BHL Insight is a truly open system and easily interfaces with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Hummingbird, iManage, Worldox and other third party products, but it does not rely on such products for its core functionality. Insight is said by clients to be much more comprehensively developed than competing systems, offering features that make a real difference to your firm’s productivity and hence profitability.

BHL Insight delivers productivity and return on investment by providing purpose-built tools with deep functionality in the following areas:

  • Financial Management (Office and Client Account)
  • General Ledger
  • Document and Email Management
  • Document Automation (Assembly)
  • Workflow Management
  • Client Relationship Management


  • Integrated accounting and financial reporting systems with over one hundred report format and analysis screens
  • Matter accounting, reducing time and effort reconciling unbalanced transactions
  • Fee recording and analysis for assessing firm profitability
  • Workflow automation for speedy document generation and minimum error
  • Marketing and customer relationship management modules, enabling more targeted and effective marketing to clients and prospective clients
  • Inbuilt collaboration and document management systems
  • Integration with email and calendaring systems
  • Integration with document assembly and precedent systems including HotDocs and Word